The Wicked Witch attempts to summon her Flying Monkeys minions

In Slumber Party, The Wicked Witch of the West uses a summoning ritual to call forth her army of flying monkeys from Oz to Earth once she found a door for the Key to Oz. To perform the ritual, the Witch covered her head, and then put some ingredients into a brass cauldron.

The ingredients for the spell were dried cherries, unknown roots/herbs (which looked like dried tobacco), cinnamons, and a bottle of an inflammable liquid made from unknown ingredients. Once they were properly mixed together inside the brass cauldron, a red smoke started swirling; and then, after she poured a bit of her blood in the mixture, a red flame arose from the center of the cauldron.

Apparently this spell was intended to act like a beacon to her army flying monkeys. After she opened the portal to Oz, she called forth her army by dropping some dried 'tobacco' into the flaming cauldron.


  • When the Witch was killed, the spell ceased itself. Strangely, it left no kind of ash or lees behind, instead all of the ingredients looked untouched, just like they were before set aflame.