Castiel punching Uriel through a brick wall.

Super Strength is the ability of one's muscles to exert force beyond what is physically possible for a human. A common power among many paranormal creatures, basic super strength allows the user to casually overpower human opponents, even those who would be otherwise untouchable.

At higher levels, typically among immortals, super strength enables the user to safely lift overbearing weights such as cars with their bare hands, break free of most physical restraints, and cause considerable damage to their immediate surroundings with the force of their blows.

Individual UsersEdit

  • Doc Benton - Doc Benton was able to punch through a car window, and lift Dean up like a feather.
  • Eve - Being the mother of all monsters, Eve's strength was far superior to humans and every Earthly supernatural creature. She was cocky enough to claim that she would take care of the demon Crowley if she was to find him. She was more powerful than even seraphs. Humans were no threat to her in terms of bodily force.
  • Jake Talley - Jake was able to lift and turn over military trucks, bench an enormous amount of weight, and could send people flying with his punches.
  • Sam Winchester (inactive) - Only when Sam was on demon blood, he displayed this ability, using it on Dean at least once.
  • War - War could generate enough force to destroy a bridge, though it is unknown if he used physical effort to do so.
  • Whore of Babylon - Being a creature of Babylon, she exhibits incredible strength when fighting off Sam and Dean.
  • Todd (temporarily) - He made a wish at the Wishing Well at Lucky Chin's. After the spell of the coin was broken, super strength disappeared.
  • Dean Winchester (inactive) - While imbued with the power of the Mark of Cain, Dean displayed this power as well as immunity to demonic powers and telekinesis, easily overpowering a vampire and lifting Abaddon off her feet while killing her. While powered by the Alternate Michael after agreeing to allow him to possess him but conditioning that he be allowed to remain in control, Dean was strong enough to evenly grapple with the super-charged Lucifer and stagger and harm him.
  • Castiel (powered up by Jack) - While empowering Castiel, he granted him enough levels of superior strength to effortlessly overpower the Prince of Hell Dagon, who had easily beaten Castiel while he was only using his seraphim powers.

Racial UsersEdit

Angelic BeingsEdit

  • Archangels - Being the most powerful on the celestial chain, Archangels are significantly much stronger than Seraphs, Grigori, Rit Zien, common Angels, Reapers, Cherubs, all demons, all deities, alphas, monsters, spirits, and humans. Their strength compared to the Leviathans remains untested.
  • Seraphs - Among the most powerful on the celestial chain, Seraphs are significantly stronger than most demons, angels, monsters, spirits, and humans.
  • Grigori - Among the most powerful on the celestial chain, Grigori are much stronger than humans, spirits, most monsters, most demons, and even other angels. They are strong enough to match and even overpower weakened Seraphs, while they were empowered by souls.
  • Angels - As the most common on the celestial chain, Angels are stronger than most demons, spirits, most monsters and humans.
  • Rit Zien - Despite being only the "medics" of Heaven, Rit Zien possess their vessels with enough strength to overpower humans.
  • Cherubs - Even though among the lowest order of angel, Cherubs have enough strength to lift humans and occupied (angel) vessels while hugging them.
  • Reapers - Reapers have enough strength to overpower humans.
  • Nephilim - The hybrid children of angels and humans, Nephilim are incredibly strong. Jane was easily able to throw around Metatron and Castiel with the two only winning the fight by taking her by surprise. Jack, while empowering Castiel, imbued him with strength that enabled him to restrain the Prince of Hell Dagon one-handed despite Dagon easily beating Castiel moments before.

Demonic BeingsEdit

  • Princes of Hell - As four of the first five demons ever created, the Princes of Hell are incredibly strong, being able to overpower humans, monsters, lower demons and angels as powerful as a Seraphim with ease. Their strength compared to the Leviathans remains unseen.

White -eyed demons can physically overpower regular angels.

  • White-Eyed - Among the oldest and most powerful demons in creation, the White-Eyed Demons are unnaturally and incredibly stronger than common angels, alphas, reapers, spirits, most monsters and most demons. Their strength compared to the Leviathans remains unseen.
  • Knights of Hell - Despite appearing to be black-eyed demons and as a special class of demons hand-picked by Lucifer himself, Knights of Hell are stronger than most demons, spirits, most monsters, and humans. One Knight was so powerful that he retained this ability even in a devil's trap and proved he was stronger than an angel.
  • Red-Eyed - Although a standard demon power, Red-Eyed, or Crossroad Demons (such as Crowley) are stronger than black-eyed demons, most monsters, and humans.
  • Black-Eyed - Black-Eyed Demons are very strong creatures, able to lift humans into the air with one hand and are physically stronger than most monsters and humans. Some higher ones are stronger than other black-eyed ones.
  • Acheri - Like all demons, they are physically stronger than humans and can rip them apart.

Demon-like BeingsEdit

  • Daeva - Daeva are able to easily overpower even higher-tier black-eyed demons.
  • Hellhounds - Hellhounds are incredibly strong, able to take down humans and black eyed demons. They are strong enough to instill fear into angels themselves.

Monsters and CreaturesEdit

  • Alphas - As the first and most powerful member of their own specific species, Alpha Monsters are significantly stronger than even the oldest of their children and black eyed demons.
  • Arachne - An Arachne is very strong, can easily overpower humans and throw them through in the air.
  • Bisaan - Are strong enough to overpower humans, but weak compared to other creatures.
  • Changelings - They are only strong enough to overpower human victims.
  • Crocotta - They have enough strength to easily overpower humans.
  • Dragons - Dragons are among the strongest monsters. They were able to toss grown men like dolls and carry them for miles.
  • Djinn - Djinns are physically stronger than humans and can easily overpower them.
  • Ghouls - They are only slightly stronger than humans.
  • Jefferson Starship - They possess the strength of vampires, wraiths, and shapeshifters combined.
  • Kappas
  • Khan worm - While the creature itself is weak, it gives its host enormous strength that they normally wouldn't have.
  • Kitsune - It can easily overpower humans and rip them apart.
  • Lamia - They can easily overpower humans.
  • Nachzehrer - Though weaker than some monsters, they have enough strength to overpower humans.
  • Okami - They are strong enough to overpower humans, one was able to throw Bobby Singer through a window and onto a tree.
  • Phoenix - It is strong enough to easily overpower humans and notably break out of a coffin.
  • Pishtaco - The more fat they consume, the stronger they get.
  • Qareen - Qareens are very strong creatures, they can punch through chests and rip out hearts with little effort.
  • Rakshasa - They can rip humans apart to feed on their flesh.
  • Rawhead - They are powerful enough to overpower humans and throw them around.
  • Rugaru - They are strong monsters, able to easily snap steel chains and bones.
  • Shapeshifters - Shapeshifters have enough strength to overpower humans.
  • Shōjō - They are very strong monsters, enough to rip humans apart and break down walls.
  • Shtriga - They can casually lift, throw and overpower humans.
  • Skinwalkers - They are physically stronger than humans in their dog form.
  • Vampires - Vampires are very strong monsters, even freshly turned ones are strong enough to easily overpower and beat down humans. They also get stronger the older they are, as old ones can overpower younger ones or even their own makers, as well as send humans flying through several feet.
  • Vetala - Vetala can easily overpower and beat down victims to feed on their blood like vampires.
  • Wendigo - Incredibly strong even by monster standards, they can rip humans limb from limb, snap necks and can carry two humans at once.
  • Werewolves - Werewolves can rip and break humans apart with ease. Can even lift heavy objects, smash stone, knock down walls and can throw humans across rooms.
  • Wraith - Wraiths have enough strength to overpower humans.

Other BeingsEdit

  • Leviathans - Amongst the strongest monstrous creatures in existence, Leviathans are even much stronger than humans, other monsters, alphas, demons, and most angels, literately capable of killing them and even throwing them with great ease and force.
  • Deities - Deities are exceedingly strong, with even the weakest deities being able to casually overpower, maul, and lift full-grown humans with ease. Their strength compared to most other beings and creatures still remains unclear; Vesta's strength however was compared to that of an Angel by Dean, and Zeus was able to beat down the Titan Prometheus with ease and Titan's themselves were known for their great strength in mythology. The Archangel Lucifer, however, proved to be stronger, as he was able to tear apart several Deities with ease.
  • Amazons - Are noticeably stronger than humans, having overpowered them with ease.
  • Fairies - They can overpower humans and lift heavy objects. It is unknown how they would fare against other creatures and entities.
  • Ghosts - Ghosts can overpower and beat down humans, lift heavy objects such as piano's, hurl a speedboat into the air, and even beat down Higher-tier demons and Leviathans but cannot do either lasting harm. They do all this without discomfort and with great force, as their bodies are noncorporeal, making their true strength limits unknown, making it possible they can generate any amount of physical force, as they do not experience physical strain, fatigue or weakness. 
  • Constructs - Certain magical constructs are often animated and imbued with extraordinary strength.
  • Golems -  They are incredibly strong, can lift heavy objects, break down walls, and overpower humans.
  • Styne Family - The members of the Styne family use a combination of surgery and magic to enhance their physical prowess. One was able to lift an adult with one hand and kick down an iron door.