I can torture you for eternity.
Crowley, noting his stamina capacity.
She dug for hours. She never broke a sweat.
— Mr Morton describing his possessed wife's stamina rise.

Super stamina is the ability to indefinitely go on without sustenance, such as food or liquid. Alastair possessed a high degree of endurance, still possessing demonic weaknesses, but enjoyed and relished in the pain he received.

Death, War, Pestilence and Famine don't require any actual sustenance, however they derive their power from the abundance of their respective element.


Horsemen don't require any actual sustenance at all, however they live off of and according to their attribute. For example, war ceasing completely would kill War. Major and monumental improvements that degrade the potency or liveliness of a Horseman's attribute weakens them, as seen with Famine. However, they're capable of eating and tasting food, as Death, for some reason, enjoys eating human junk food, probably just for fun.

Archangels, SeraphimAngels, Rit Zien and Cupids don't require food or liquid to function. This is the same with demons, but both are capable of eating and drinking for fun. Lucifer was able to dig a 600 foot hole without sweating.

Leviathans are also able to survive without food, however, their constant hunger can impair their judgment and distract them.

Characters and species with this abilityEdit

Eternal StaminaEdit

These are creatures literally don't require anything (with a few slight deviations).

Enhanced StaminaEdit

Unlike the above example, these creatures do tire, or require substance, however they can take a lot more than humans.