These Books are prophecies in the form of a set of novels chronicling the lives and deeds of Sam and Dean Winchester, written by Chuck Shurley under the pseudonym of Carver Edlund. The brothers are not particularly fond of them, seeing that the volumes directly violate the privacy of their own personal lives.


Everything is in here. I mean everything. From the racist truck to me having sex... I’m full-frontal in here, dude.

The books begin with the Pilot, chronicling all the events of the Winchesters' lives until the publisher shut down after Dean's going to Hell in No Rest For The Wicked.

The books are first introduced in The Monster at the End of This Book in which Castiel informs the brothers that this series of books will be known as The Winchester Gospel in the future. The books had more of an underground following cult and many fans indulged in slash-writing, pairing Sam and Dean or other characters in sexual situations.

Even though publishing stopped after No Rest for the Wicked, Chuck continued writing up until The Monster at the End of This Book even later until Swan Song, completing the last chapter of the brothers' quest to avert the Apocalypse. He then disappeared, saying "Nothing really ends". Chuck was presumed dead afterwards.

In Pac-Man Fever, it was indicated that all of the books have been published as Charlie Bradbury was aware that Sam and Dean stopped the Apocalypse after reading them. She also stated that the books are online now.

In Clip Show, Crowley got his hands on the books and used them to research Sam and Dean's pasts so that he could go after people they have saved in order to force them to stop the trials to close the Gates of Hell. It was indicated that there may be more books after Swan Song as Crowley was aware of Sam and Dean saving Jenny Klein, which took place a couple years after Swan Song. This was also supported by Charlie knowing about dragons, which occurred around Eve's arrival, several months after The Apocalypse was averted.

In Slumber Party, Charlie said the books were on sale on Additionally, the unpublished books were also being published online by a person with the username 'BeckyWinchester176' that most likely belonged to Becky Rosen. Charlie noted that at first they thought they were fanfic covers of the actual books, but somehow confirmed that they were actually Carver Edlund's work.

In Beyond the Mat, some of the Supernatural books were shown to be present in Crowley's lockup.



  • If Castiel's assumption was true, the books might have stopped around the time Kevin Tran was awakened.
  • There was a musical play based off these books in the 200th episode of Supernatural.
  • Apparently, the name Winchester was never included in the books, yet some fans know the surname.
  • Metatron claims that the books were so badly written they didn't even crack the top 10,000 of his favorite books.

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