Tamara was the girlfriend/soon to be fiancé of Ennis Ross. She was killed by Irv Sokolowski. Her death was later avenged by Ennis.

Overview Edit

Ennis takes Tamara to the upmarket restaurant "Il Secundo", with the intent of proposing to her. Ennis goes to the maitre d' Maurice about placing an engagement ring in a glass of champagne. Sal Lassiter arrives with his bodyguard, whose reflection reveals his true monster face. This freaks out Ennis who takes Tamara and leaves the restaurant, but just as he is about to propose to her at a ferry stop, Sal Lassiter arrives bleeding from the gut. A hooded figure then appears. Tamara is then violently slammed against a rolling steel door by the hooded figure, cracking her head open and killing her. Her death is later avenged when Ennis finds the hooded figure and shoots him.

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