Teddy was a toy that belonged to Audrey Elmer and came alive because of a wishing well. She wanted a teddy which was "big, real, and talked." He was addicted to pornography and alcohol, and was suicidal. He even shot himself, but only managed to displace some of his stuffing, to his utter dismay.

Teddy trying to kill himself

Teddy trying to kill himself

He was appalled at the fact there was violence in the world and he called 'crap.' He even questioned his existence and cried when he realized that he was alive for nothing more than 'tea parties.'

After Wesley Mondale took his coin out of the wishing well, Audrey was seen with a smaller teddy, who still had stuffing coming out of the back of his neck.[1]


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A behind-the-scenes snapshot of Teddy with Nicole Leduc.


  1. Wishful Thinking

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