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Special child Max Miller using his abilities of telekinesis.

Telekinesis is the ability to move something with one's mind, which is generally channeled through the hands. It is one of the most commonly used supernatural powers in the series. It has been employed by humans through magic like witchcraft and sorcery or from being a psychic or medium. It is one of the notable and commonly employed abilities used by demons. The pagan gods normally have this power as well. Angels also have used this power.

Levels of Telekinesis Edit

Basic Telekinesis Edit

This level of telekinesis is for basic practitioners. Normal uses, is throwing others on to the wall or knocking them on to the ground.

Advanced Telekinesis Edit

This level of telekinesis is for advanced practitioners. Users of this level of telekinesis have shown able to stop bullets, torture others by crushing organs or specifically targeting parts of the body; often resulting in the receiver convulsing and coughing up blood. At its highest level one can accomplish amazing feats; one is telekinetically ripping something like a human apart on the subatomic level, another is the power to affect and reshape reality.

Characters with this abilityEdit

  • God
  • Max Miller - He could make use of this ability very well, as demonstrated when he used it to kill his father and uncle and later when trying to kill his stepmother in Season 1 episode Nightmare. He also used it on the Winchester brothers before killing himself by pointing a gun at himself and firing it telekinetically, he gained the ability because of Azazel's blood and he is one of the Special Children.
  • Sam Winchester - He discovered that he could use telekinesis when he had adrenaline rushes, (Nightmare) although he can use it during the Season 4 while high on demon blood (but only on/against Demons), it is one of Sam's natural abilites, but since he has not trained it without the demon blood, it can only be accessed while he is on adrenaline rushes.
  • Dean Winchester - With the power of the Mark of Cain, Dean displayed telekinesis to pull The First Blade into his hand.
  • Deities - Certain deities like Kali and Veritas have been seen to possess this power.
    • Artemis
    • Leshi - She possessed this ability.
    • Kali - She made a chandelier fall to the ground.
    • Osiris
    • Veritas - She has been shown to move several things as heavy as humans (Sam and Dean) with a single hand gesture.
    • Zeus - Very proficient, he overpowered, threw and tortured Prometheus with ease.
  • Angels, Seraphim and Archangels - They rarely use this ability but they have been shown to use it. Castiel, for example, used telekinesis to open Bobby's Panic Room and let Sam escape and Naomi snapped a woman's neck by snapping her fingers.

The demon Astaroth stops a bullet with telekinesis.

  • Demons - This ability is the most used ability by demons on screen, it has been used to kill, pin people against walls and many other things.
    • Azazel - He had this power as demonstrated in All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1 as he shows Sam a vision of the night he visited him. He had used telekinesis to pin Mary to the ceiling before having her burst into flames; he has used it on multiple mothers not just Mary. It was first seen when Azazel, possessing John, pins Dean to a wall in Devil's Trap.
    • Lilith - She was extremely powerful with telekinesis, able to throw grown men with a flick of her wrist.
    • Crowley - Is able to pin two people at once to walls, snap a person's neck with his mind, and lift a person to a impressive height.
    • Abaddon - Toys with Sam by flinging him across the room many times in Sacrifice. Pins Dean to a wall in King of the Damned, but he eventually proves immune to her power.
    • Cain - Was able to open and close doors with a snap of his fingers. Also able to throw people around with waves of his hand. Even while in a devil's trap, Cain still possessed this power.
  • Ghosts - When Sam and Dean went into the spirit realm they found a ghost of a deceased child who taught them how to use this power. It is utilized through intense concentration, but becomes easier with time and practice.
  • Horsemen
  • Whore of Babylon
  • Reapers
  • Shojo
  • Witches (some, normally limited, but stronger ones aren't)
  • Psychics


  • Demons use this ability quite frequently to pin people against walls and have done so multiple times to stop them from moving.
  • Angels use this ability as well but not as often, and it is often more powerful than demons. They also show incredible precision and greater control over this ability.
  • Ghosts also display this ability fairly frequently, one of their most displayed powers.

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