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Anna Milton hearing the angel radio

Telepathy is the ability to read another being's thoughts and to communicate mentally.

Characters with this abilityEdit

  • Alphas - Able to read all their children's minds. They can do this over great distance. 
  • Djinn - Able to read their victims minds to learn their greatest fantasy or fear.
  • Eve - Able to read the minds of all her children at once, and could even sense their whereabouts. This was over an unlimited distance.
  • Angels - Able to read the minds others angels when given permission and send messages to others, they commonly communicate using mass telepathy, dubbed by Dean as "Angel Radio".
    • Seraphim - Also able to read human minds.
  • Archangels
    • Lucifer - Able to hold telepathic conversations with Dagon.
  • Familiars - Able to read their master's mind (and vice versa), however can be blocked if the master desires it.
  • Leshi - Able to read his victims' minds so he can take the form of his victims' idols to attack them.
  • Mary Worthington - Able to read her victims' minds so she could sense if they had committed a murder.
  • Osiris - Read his victims minds to learn their guilt.
  • Siren - Read their victims minds as to learn what form to pose as to attract them.
  • Abaddon - As a Knight of Hell, by inserting a bit of her demonic essence, she can read thoughts. Note that her victims' eyes go misty gray when she is reading their minds.
  • Zannas - All Zannas are telepathically linked to each other.
  • Psychics - Oliver Price, Missouri Moseley are able to read human minds. It has been confirmed that psychics cannot read angel's minds.

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