The Impala arrives outside The Lazy Shag

The Impala outside The Lazy Shag.

The Lazy Shag is an abandoned bar.


In a bid to defeat The Darkness before God himself dies, Dean Winchester becomes a bomb powered with souls and sets off to confront The Darkness, leaving his allies to wait for the result.

Sam, Castiel, Rowena, Crowley and God arrive at this bar and choose it as their location while they wait. The bar had been abandoned due to the owners believing the end of the world was near, to which Crowley calls them "quitters". He then breaks open the front door and the gang enter.

The gang briefly watch the news during their time here, until Crowley turns it off. He and his mother sit by the counter, with Castiel behind them. Sam tends to God and offers him a drink, but upon returning, God is gone.

The Lazy Shag (interior) -1-

The Lazy Shag (interior)

A while later, the gang notice the sun has been restored, and all conclude that Dean must have succeeded in killing The Darkness, and himself. The gang then separate.



  • The significance of this bar is that, as of yet, it is the final place where the gang meets God. He is presumed dead by them upon his disappearance from this location.