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"Dump? Are you kidding? Do you realize where we are? This dump is the last true beacon of light in a world gone topsy-turvy. This dump is the epicenter of the ultimate chess match between good and evil."

Peter Jenkins to James Haggerty, Slumber Party

The Men-of-Letters Bunker or "The Batcave," as it is referred to by Dean, was the secret base of the Men of Letters. It could only be accessed by a special key.

History and DetailsEdit


Top View.

Its proper name, if it has one, is unknown. It houses many artifacts and currently serves as Sam and Dean's new base. It is located in Lebanon, Kansas, which is at the geographic center of the contiguous United States.

It took three years to build and was started in 1932, finally finished and set up to be operational in 1935. The first case ever investigated in the bunker was said to be that of Dorothy. Much of the events were written into a set of books by Dorothy's father, who was a Man of Letters himself.

It is described as containing every object, scroll, and spell collected by the order for over a thousand years, as well as research and books on a variety of  subjects. The place still has a functional water supply and power despite being decades old. It is also capable of providing some form of Internet connection, even though the building and its previous tenants predated the Internet.

It is said to be the "safest place on Earth, warded against any evil ever created." The only way to get in is with the key.

It is impossible to track cell phone signals that come from within the bunker. The closest that one could get is outside of a twenty-mile radius.

The Bunker also possess a lock down mode, which can be activated by a lever in the electrical room. Once locked down, no one can get in or out of the Bunker. The process causes an alarm and all the lights to dim, and be replaced by red ones.  

The witch Olivette, revealed that there are actually many Bunkers scattered across the world.

Layout and ContentsEdit


The Library.

The bunker is laid out on two layers, with a balcony level on the entrance, and second level where the main area is. It also contains a library, and is decorated in lavish style. The walls are covered with bookcases and filing cabinets, detailing many files collected over centuries, including every exorcism over three hundred years, case files, incident reports and information on hunters the Men of Letters worked with. At the end is a very large telescope. It also contains several storage rooms.

In the room before the library are a variety of old computers and machines, including "Commodore 64". It is revealed they are still functionable and possess some form of sensors and early warning devices, as they were automatically activated when the Angels were expelled from heaven and started tracking them falling, all over the earth.


Sam and Dean discuss their plans inside the batcave.

It also has multiple showers and living quarters. The central area features a long wooden table that could be used for gatherings. Much of the furniture and decor are from past decades. It has vinyl records and a functional player. The headquarters also includes many unique relics and artifacts, including the Spear of Destiny and the Key to Oz.

Despite being a large building, its entrance is rather small and nondescript. The entrance is located near the road but is almost below ground level. Another room that has been shown, that was meant as sleeping quarters, was claimed by Dean as his own; he decorated it with a series of guns and other weapons, including his Purgatory blade, on the backwall. The room contains a bed with a memory foam mattress and a desk with a reading light, against which Dean placed a picture of his mother.


Sam, Dean, Charlie and Dorothy in the garage of the bunker.

The complex even houses a shooting range, complete with three targets. It also has a dungeon for holding demons hidden in one of its archive rooms, which includes a Devil's trap as well as cuffs and chains that are engraved in spellwork. There is also a very large kitchen. It also has what seems to be a sick bay. 

The bunker has a garage that houses a lot of vehicles, like cars and Dorothy's motorcycle. Most, if not all, vehicles are vintage, due to the Order's foundation in earlier decades. After its discovery, Dean started storing the Impala here.

The Bunker also has an electrical room, which manages the controls to large parts of the building, and includes the lever that activates lock down mode.


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