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The Natural Order of Things, or The Natural Order for short, is one of, if not the only, governing forces behind the universe. One of its most important roles, is that it is connected to the flow of life and death and assures that people live and die as they should. It is ultimately the only force that governs most powerful supernatural entites in the universe, even Death, with the only beings exceeding it being God and The Darkness. It was, most likely, created by God.

Notable InformationEdit

  • Reapers have a connection to it. They can see a person's whole lifetime and when and how that person will die and when it is time for them to die. The Natural Order is impartial and both good and evil are subject to its power and when it is time to die, a person will and must die. While being a powerful force, Death is, much like his reapers, restricted to the Natural Order. There are occasions when the Natural Order can be bent, such as Sam and Dean's various resurrections, though these times are risky and have the potential to cause mass destruction. As such, Death implies this is the reason he is not willing to bring a person fully back to life due to the possible ramifications. Substitution is also possible, as one bound Reaper, was used to save several people, by making others die in their place. If the natural order is outright disrupted, there will be consequences. Dean discovers this in Appointment In Samarra when he was temporarily granted the power of Death as part of a deal to regain Sam's soul. When Dean refuses to reap a 12 year old girl with a heart condition, she made a miraculous recovery. This, however, creates a disruption in the flow of the universe and in order to compensate, people who would have lived long lives begin to die in the girl's place. Tessa tells Dean that the longer the girl remains alive the worse it will become and more people will die around her to compensate, leaving a trail of death and misery.
  • Eve is also aware of this Order and claims to have an "arrangement" between the balance of killing between humans and monsters. 
  • Atropos, one of the fates has a role within the Natural Order. She as Fate assures how people die, and certain events are made according to how destiny is made. She states that God gave her, and possibly her sisters, this job.

Notable PlacesEdit

The Natural Order also have places, that fall under its laws. Mostly the spiritual realms where souls go. Reapers are the ones that take humans souls to Heaven, Hell, and possibly monster souls to Purgatory.

  • Heaven: The spiritual world where mostly good souls go to.
  • Hell: The spritual world where mostly evil souls go to.
  • Purgatory: The spiritual world that souls of monsters go to.
  • The Empty: A realm where souls can be sent, but can't be recovered from.


  • The Natural Order is one of mystery. For one it doesn't just employ Reapers or Angels. But certain creaturers like Eve and even pagan deities like Atropos and her sisters.
  • In Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting, Eve herself wanted to ensure that her children also follow the Natural Order, even going to extremes as forging the dragon swords to stop her dragons, should they attempt to destroy other beings.
  • In the same book, Lethe or Oblivion, a pagan deity, was also shown working for Heaven. Her role was to wipe memories of people who have seen or witnessed something supernatural that they shouldn't have.
  • During Dean's time as a demon he states that his kind are part of The Natural Order and that's how it was set up.

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