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The Real Ghostbusters is the 9th episode of Season 5. It aired on November 12th, 2009.

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Super fan Becky uses Chuck's phone to trick Sam and Dean into attending a Supernatural fan convention, complete with fans dressed up as Sam and Dean. One of the activities is a live action role playing game, but things quickly turn sour after a real ghost appears on the scene.

Plot Edit

After being tricked by a fake SOS message from Becky, Sam and Dean rush unknowingly to a Supernatural convention. When they arrive they notice a whole of Impalas parked at the scene, but continue on. Sam and Dean approach Chuck asking whats wrong. Chuck is confused by this and why Sam and Dean are even here. Dean tells him that they got a text from him telling them to come. Chuck realizes that it was in fact Becky who had texted the boys. Becky appears telling them she is so glad they came, and tells Chuck she "borrowed" his phone from his pants. Someone calls for Chuck and tells him it's time. Sam and Dean follow Chuck inside only to find that this is a Supernatural Convention. Not only that but people dresses up as 'characters' from the books. Even Sam and Dean look a-likes (not really, but they are dressed up and roleplaying as the boys) walk by doing a scene from "Hunted."

Then the panel takes place, and Chuck is a guest speaker. Before Chuck speaks, they read off the schedule for the day, leaving Sam and Dean in disbelief. Chuck then comes onto the stage. After downing a bottle of water, he asks for questions. The first person asks where Chuck got the idea for Sam and Dean. "They just came to me." is his answer. The next question comes from "The Man with the Hook", asking why Sam and Dean don't keep their weapons on a bungee cord to prevent them from being knocked away in a fight. Before Chuck can answer the question, the same cosplayer asks why Sam doesn't realize that Ruby is evil, saying that it is obvious that she is manipulating him. Becky gets angry at this and tells him if he doesn't like it, then don't read the books. Chuck stops any more arguments, and asks for another question. The next question is "What happens next?" Chuck then announces plans to begin publishing again. This is met with applause from the crowd, and a very displeased Sam and Dean.

After the question panel, Sam and Dean approach Chuck about the reboot in publishing. They ask him to stop, but Chuck replies that he needs to make a living, and the only thing he can do is write. They are about to continue when they hear a scream, and rush upstairs. Once there, they find out it was actually fake and a game at the convention for fans to do, all of them being "Sam" and "Dean" The brothers leave and head to the bar for a drink. The scene moves to one of the pairs investigating the fake haunting, the fake Sam heading off into an empty study, only to be attacked by a real ghost. Now spooked, he wants to leave and tells his partner to leave too. Sam and Dean overhear this, and begin their own investigation. They question the hotel manager, who tells them that the "fake haunting" is actually true, with four children having been butchered in the attic.

Sam and Dean then head to the attic, unaware that some cosplayers overheard their conversation and decided to do the same. The cosplayers encounter a ghost, who they believe is an actor. The ghost points them to a picture on the wall, where they discover bloody handprints and a map. Sam and Dean find the cosplayers looking over the map in the lobby. The cosplayers are annoyed that Sam and Dean tried to take their map. After talking it over, the two parties agree to work together, the cosplayers getting to be "Sam" and "Dean"

"Sam", "Dean", "Rufus"(Sam), and "Bobby"(Dean) head to the graveyard. The cosplayers begin to roleplay a scene from Asylum, upsetting Dean. After demanding to know why the would choose to be these "characters", the cosplayers reply that it's because they are fans, just like them. Dean replies that he is not a fan, and thinks that the entire story is a bunch of crap that would send most people to a nuthouse. After the cosplayers say that they don't think that Sam and Dean would care, Dean says that they do care, and walks off. Sam attempts to cover this up by saying that Dean is really passionate about the story.

The group approaches the grave, the cosplayers looking for "clues" and Sam and Dean planning to burn the bones. The cosplayers looking on in shock, Sam and Dean dig up the grave. The ghost attacks, sending Sam flying. While Dean prepares to burn the bones, the ghost goes after the cosplayers. The bones are burned, the ghost dissipating, and the cosplayers in shock.

The cosplayers are at the bar, drinking. Sam and Dean come and pay their drinks, then attempt to leave, only to discover that all of the exits are sealed. After talking to the ghost of Leticia's son, they find out that Leticia only killed the three boys after discovering that they scalped her son. The three ghosts corner "The Man with the Hook" cosplayer, who they then kill. Sam and Dean inform Chuck of this development, then usher the hotel staff into the main hall, before salting the doors. The boys then deduce that Leticia was the only thing keeping the three homicidal ghosts from killing people. They convince the actress who was playing Leticia to help them. The two cosplayers from earlier approach them and say that they want to help. After a few minutes of talking, Dean agrees to let them help.

Then Dean and the girl head upstairs to distract the ghosts, while Sam and the look a-likes get out. The girl manages to get the ghosts attention, and the look a-likes make it out. Then the girl's phones goes off and the ghosts realize they have been tricked and are not too happy. Dean steps out from behind and tells the girl to run. Dean and the ghosts engage in a fight and they manage to pin Dean down. Luckily Sam comes to Dean's rescue. Meanwhile, the look a-like are digging up the boys graves and collecting the bones together. Back to the hotel, Sam and Dean are still fighting the spirits, but are overwhelmed. The look a-likes luckily set the bones on fire in time and save Sam and Dean.

Now with the spirits gone, the convention is over. The authorities bring out the body of the hook man guy. The look a-likes and Dean talk. Dean thanks them and asks what their real names are. Cosplaying Sam says that his name is Barnes and Cosplaying Dean's name is Damian. The cosplayers ask Dean what his real name is. Dean replies "Dean. The real Dean." Damian and Barnes laugh thinking that he is joking. Dean thanks them again and starts to walk away, until he is interrupted by Damian saying "You're wrong, you know." Dean is confused. Damian explains that Dean was wrong about Supernatural. He says "No offense, but I'm not sure you get what the story's about." Dean replies with "Is that so?" implying for Damian to elaborate. Damian continues and says "In real life, Barnes sells stereo equipment and I fix copiers. Our lives suck. But to be Sam and Dean, to wake up every morning saving the world, to have a brother who would die for you, who wouldn't want that?" Dean says that he has a point and then moves on to say that they don't make a bad team themselves. They smile and Dean asks how they know each other? They reply that they met online in the "Supernatural chat room." Dean replies "Oh. Must be nice to get out of your parent's basement and make some friends." Damian says "We're more than friends. We're partners." They hold hands with each other and Barnes rests his head on Damian's shoulder implying that they are both homosexual. A shocked Dean walks away.

Becky breaks up with Sam claiming that "they had undeniable chemistry" but that she's moved on with Chuck. Chuck is next to Becky. Sam starts to walk away but is interrupted by Becky. Becky says "Hey on chapter 33, 'Time is On My Side,' you know that British girl Bela? She stole the Colt from you and she said she gave it Lilith, remember?" Sam nods and Becky continues. "Well you know she lied, right? She never really gave it to Lilith." Sam is confused and replies with "Wait, what?" Becky says "Didn't you read the book? There was this one scene where Bela gives the Colt to a demon named Crowley, Lilith's right-hand man. I think her lover too." Sam says to Chuck who is standing beside Becky, "Crowley. Didn't it occur to you to tell us this before?" Chuck says "I'm sorry. I didn't really remember. I'm not as big of a fan as she is." Sam tells Becky to tell him everything and Becky gets excited.

Dean is standing by his car smiling. Sam comes up behind him and asks him if he's okay. Dean says "Hey, you know, i think I'm good," still smiling. Sam stands across from him on the other side of the car and says "Well, you're not gonna  believe it, but I think i got a lead on the Colt." Dean is confused. Sam continues, "Long story. I'll tell you on the way." Dean says "Well what are we waiting for?" and they both get in the car and drive away.

Major Characters Edit

Featured Supernatural BeingEdit

Featured Music Edit

"Ain't Got Nobody" by Hound Dog Taylor

"Ring-a-Ling" by Missy Eighty 6

"Topsy Turvy" by The Bughouse 5

"Trouble Baby" by The Bughouse 5

"Whiskey" by Swank

Notes Edit

  • Referencing the cartoon series of the same name based from the movie, Ghostbusters.
  • The only death in the episode is a fan (dressed as the Hookman) who complains about the books.
  • Although he was first mentioned in Season 3's Bedtime Stories, Crowley is mentioned by name for the first time in this episode.

Quotes Edit

  • Sam: Oh, Hey, Chuck, If you really wanna publish more books, then I guess that's okay with us.

Chuck: Wow! Really?

Sam: No, not really. We have guns, and we'll find you.

Chuck: Okay, okay. No more books.

  • Chuck: No, there's really no such thing as a Croatoan Virus for... down there. You really should see a doctor.

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