The Winchester House is located in Lawrence, Kansas and was the home of JohnMarySam and Dean Winchester before Mary's death. It is currently owned by single mother Jenny and her two kids, Sari and Ritchie.



The Winchester House in the Pilot

The Pilot starts with an event taking place 22 years ago in the Winchester House. The Winchesters were living a normal life up until then ensconced in their family home in Lawrence, Kansas.

During the night, the Prince of Hell, Azazel, introduced himself into the house and sneaked into Sam's nursery. When he was interrupted by Mary, he pinned her to the ceiling and set her on fire.

In the resulting fire, part of the house was destroyed and the Winchesters left the house for a life on the road, hunting down the thing that killed Mary.


A new family, consisting of a single mother and her two children, settled into the rebuilt house for "a fresh start". During their first night, the daughter, Sari, was visited by a flaming figure from her closet in her room, which used to be Sam's nursery. Meanwhile, Jenny, the mother, was drawn to the basement by a strange noise. She found photographs of the Winchesters in an old box.

Sam and Dean returned to the house to deal with a violent poltergeist. They are briefly reunited with their late mother, who helps them defeat the poltergeist. Dean then takes the photographs from the basement with him.

What Is And What Should Never Be Edit

After being captured by a Djinn, Dean dreams of a world in which Mary is alive, and their house still belongs to them.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Home, Dean promised himself to never go back to the house.