Adam, Dean and Sam

Dean and Sam are brothers while Adam is their half-brother whom John kept away from the hunting lifestyle. So unlike Sam and Dean, Adam is not a hunter.

All three brothers are descendants of Cain and Abel, and thus, capable of being a vessel for the archangels Michael and Lucifer.


Adam was born September 29, 1990 to his mother Kate Milligan. When he was 12, he begged his mother to call John. When John heard he had a son, he dropped everything (Sam and Dean remember this but didn't know why). They spent some time together. Years later, two ghouls with a vengeance against John kill Adam and his mother, and impersonate them in hopes of luring John into a trap, but their call to John leads them to Sam and Dean instead.

Season 4Edit

(For now we're going to refer to the ghoul being Adam, as Adam. When its revealed that "Adam" is not Adam, there will be quotation marks).


Adam meeting Sam and Dean

This thing killed my mom. If you're hunting it, I want in.
— Adam
in Jump the Shark

In "Jump the Shark", Sam and Dean are very surprised to hear they have a half-brother. Dean becomes very suspicious, and thinks it is a trap. Regardless, they head to a diner to meet him. Dean steps up the area in case this "Adam" is a shapeshifter, or demon. Sam finds out that Adam is actually a real person through his research and confirms it further with clues from John's journal. Then Adam shows up, and Dean begins to ask him questions.

Frustrated, Dean tells Adam that he's not John's kid, and that he and Sam are. Adam is surprised that he has brothers too. To further prove that Adam is their brother, he shows them a photo of him and John. Convinced, Sam and Dean help Adam figure out what happened to his mother, and it isn't until Adam demands answers that Sam reveals (despite Dean's protests) about hunters and hunting.

Adam seems cool with it and even wants to partake, but Dean refuses. He points out that John wanted to protect Adam from this life, yet Sam goes ahead and teaches him some skills.

While Sam is teaching Adam, he hears something in the vents and gets Adam out of there. They head to Adam's truck, but Sam is grabbed by something from underneath. Adam rushes to help Sam, and then Dean arrives on the scene and helps. Sam suggests they use Adam as bait (much as he dislikes the idea, Dean outright refuses) and starts to train him. Sam and Adam have a brotherly bonding moment. Dean is still not liking the idea because he wants Adam nowhere near the hunting lifestyle.

While Dean is out, Sam and Adam get the place ready for the creature. Then Adam's "mother" walks through the door, and Adam rushes to her. Sam tries to convince Adam to step away from his "mother", but "Adam" knows this and knocks Sam out. Meanwhile, Dean discovers Adam's body in the crypt. Adam's "mother" reveal to them that the real Adam was indeed their brother.

After they've defeated and killed the ghouls, Sam and Dean give Adam a hunter's funeral.

Season 5Edit

Adam, you may not believe it, but Dad was trying to protect you, keeping you from all this.
Yeah, well I guess the monster that ate me didn't get that memo.
Dean and Adam
in Point of No Return

In "Point of No Return", Dean, Sam and Adam are re-united again when Zachariah brings Adam back from the dead, but it's not the Adam they met a year ago (which was a ghoul pretending to be him) but the real Adam. Sam and Dean inform Adam that they are his brothers, though Adam doesn't really care. He demands to know where Zachariah is. He also tells the boys he is Michael's vessel, which surprises Dean. This motivates Dean even more to say "yes" in order to spare Adam of this fate. Sam tries to reason with Adam using John, but Adam retorts that John was the guy who took him to a baseball game once a year; nothing more. Sam responds that they need time and they have a plan. Adam asks what the plan is, and Dean remarks on the power of love being the plan. Sam just begs Adam for more time.

In a dream, Zachariah tricks Adam into telling him where Adam is. He tells Adam that Sam and Dean care about each other more than Adam. When Adam goes missing, Sam and Dean go after him. They manage to find Adam (who realizes he has been tricked) and he tries to warn Dean, but it's too late. Zachariah begins torturing Sam and Adam so Dean will say yes, having brought Adam back to use as bait. Dean caves and tells Zachariah to call Michael. When Dean notices Sam's disappointment he kills Zachariah instead. They all attempt to escape the room before Michael arrives. Dean picks Adam off the floor and leaves him to walk on his own when Adam assures him that he's fine. Dean carries Sam towards the exit with Adam following behind.

Unfortunately, the door closes before Adam can get out. Dean tries to help Adam, but he can't open the door. When he does, the room and Adam are gone.

In "Swan Song", Dean finds Michael in possession of Adam's body. He tries to speak to his half-brother, but Michael brushes him off. When Sam is about to jump into the Cage, Michael tries to stop him, but gets pulled in along with Sam. This leaves Dean to watch as both of his brothers go to Hell.

Season 6Edit

In "Appointment In Samarra", Dean tries to make a deal with Death to get Sam and Adam's souls out of Lucifer's Cage. Dean tells Death that he'll return his ring to him in exchange for their souls, but Death reminds Dean that he was only supposed to be borrowing his ring in the first place, and anyways, he knows where Dean hid it. He doesn't completely reject Dean's request, however; he tells Dean that he has to make a choice between Sam or Adam's soul. Dean chooses Sam.

Season 10 Edit

In "Fan Fiction", Sam and Dean visit a play based on the Supernatural books. Among the cast is a student dressed as Adam. Sam and Dean initially don't recognize who this is, until Maeve points it out. This leaves an uneasy feeling in the brothers.

Trivia Edit

  • Sam and Dean's apparent neglect of Adam is a recurring complaint among fans, who blame the brothers for leaving Adam in the Cage.
  • As noted by Zachariah, Adam and Dean share similar traits, such as their enjoyment in hooking up with various women, and their shared like in eating burgers and drinking beer.

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