Todd was a boy Sam and Dean initially saw being chased by bullies.


Season 4Edit

SPN 0901

"Kneel before Todd".

Todd made a wish at the Wishing Well at Lucky Chin's. Later, Dean saw him scaring away his bullies by running after them and tipping over a car at them. He also demonstrated his strength when he punched Dean. He mentioned that previously they had bullied him and was tired of it. After the spell of the coin was broken, Dean helped him maintain the illusion that he was not someone to be messed with, helping keep the bullies away.[1]


Before Todd got his super strength, and after it was removed, Todd was shown to be a timid boy who hated the fact that he had no power to stand up for himself. While he did have super strength, he was shown to be very short tempered and to have little to no care for the damage that he causes.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength (formerly) - Granted from a wish from the Tiamat Coin, Todd gained incredible strength. He was shown strong enough to tip over a car, and punch Dean to send him flying several feet away. He lost this ability when the coin was removed from the fountain.




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