Tom Norwood was a sheriff's deputy in Springdale, Washington and one half of the duo committing murders under the guise of Thinman with Roger. Tom and Roger struck up a friendship when they met at an empty bar and hit it off with their shared interest in conspiracy-theories. Together they came across the legend of Thinman, and began posting on forums, however blogging was not enough for them and decided make Thinman a reality -- with Roger as the killer and Deputy Norwood as the "visionary" of the team.


Season 9Edit

When Sam and Dean begin investigating the Thinman murders, they first come into contact with Deputy Norwood when they pick the file box on the case, and are directed by Norwood to the Ghostfacers. When there is a murder at Johnny's Apple Country Diner Norwood brings in the Ghostfacers to consult on the case, figuring it wouldn't hurt.

Later, when Sam and Dean get too close to outing Roger as Thinman, Deputy Norwood lures them to the local mill (under pretenses of finding the man to whom the tire tracks found by Dean belonged) and knocks them out with a taser. As Deputy Norwood is preparing the scene to shoot a new Thinman video, Roger reveals himself as Thinman to Sam and Dean. Just as Roger is about to slit Dean's throat, the Ghostfacers enter with the intent of making things right. However, they are quickly incapacitated and brought back to the shooting area. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean have freed themselves from their restraints, and engage Norwood and Roger when they arrive. As Dean struggles with and kills Roger, Norwood is able to get a hold of a gun and plans to shoot Sam and Ed, before he can pull the trigger he is shot by Harry.[1]


Appearances Edit


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