Ty and his friends were victims of the Attack Dog Spell.


Ty played pool against Dean Winchester while his friends watch. Although he appeared to be winning, Dean increased the stakes, leading Ty to borrow money from his friends and eventually sacrifice his wrist watch, which was a gift from his father.

When Dean begins winning the game, Ty realizes Dean had hustled him. Dean walks away towards the bathroom with all the money and Ty's watch. Ty's friend encourages Ty to leave Dean alone.

Shortly after, Rowena MacLeod arrives and casts the Attack Dog Spell on Ty and his friends. The trio attack Dean. In self-defense, Dean beats on the trio but doesn't kill them, instead, he turns his anger on Rowena, but is unable to kill her since only she can undo the spell and free the three men before the spell kills them, as it had done with Elle.