Congrats Well, congrats. You discovered it. You get to name it.
Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is conjectural.

The Ungrateful Person Remote Killing Spell is a spell Rowena used after one of the girls she rescued from the Raul, turned against her.


The spell involves reciting a Latin incantation and pointing your palm at the target. However, due to the spell being interrupted by Dean, its unknown what would happened if it was cast properly.

The following incantation that recited by Rowena is:

Occideris Ingrat- (not finished, due interrupted by Dean)

Probably, the proper incantation of this spell is:

Occideris Ingratum (it means: slay (the) ungrateful (person))



  • It's only the spell that Rowena used without a hexbag as medium.

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