Nice grouping.
— The demon, referring to the darts on his chest.

This unnamed demon was one of few to survive Crowley's wrath.


Season 10Edit

In Dark Dynasty this demon was bound to a pillar and used as a dartboard for Crowley's game of darts. When the Demon Minion and Messenger Demon arrived with the news that Rowena MacLeod had escaped their notice, Crowley turned his attention to them long enough to kill the Messenger Demon with an angel blade and order the Demon Minion to return with better news.

Before leaving, Crowley slammed his last two darts into the demon's chest, eliciting a scream of agony from him. Crowley ordered the demon to shut up which he did before looking at the darts embedded in his chest and commenting "nice grouping."

Season 11Edit

Dressed in a black suit, this demon joined other demons at Crowley's gathering. As Crowley made a speech about making Hell "great again", this demon was unable to contain his laughter. When asked what was funny, the Demon Minion answered that Crowley was making empty promises again, just as they predicted.

This demon added, along with the demon minion, that Crowley had been the bitch of Rowena, the Winchesters, Amara, and Lucifer, in succession.

Having spoken about their feelings, the demons got up and left the room. It is unknown if this demon participated in the attack against Amara.

Season 12Edit

In Keep Calm and Carry On, this demon, along with Jervis, is employed by Lucifer to clean up the potential vessels he has burned through. The demon reveals that he once possessed a young girl and does a lot of whining about it to Jervis, both of them unaware that Crowley is following them in hopes of finding and killing Lucifer. After Crowley reveals himself and his plan, this demon openly laughs at him. Fed up, Crowley draws an angel blade and quickly kills Jervis followed by this demon in mid-laugh. After the demon dies, Crowley mocks his tendency to laugh at everything.

Trivia Edit

  • This demon possessed a 14 year old girl before, and the hormones seemed to have affected the demon even in another body.

Appearances Edit

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