This unnamed demon worked for Crowley.


After the defeat of Lucifer, the King of the Crossroads Crowley and this demon approached Ramiel to take rule of Hell as is his right as one of the Princes of Hell. However, Ramiel is uninterested and suggests that Crowley take power for himself. Ramiel requests that he and the other Princes be left alone, warning of dire consequences if he is not. Crowley agrees and gifts Ramiel the Lance of Michael and the Colt, the weapon that had killed his brother Azazel.

In 2017, this demon and another demon were ordered by Crowley to go to Ramiel's house and kill the hunters who were trying to kill him. This demon fought Wally and the other demon fought Sam Winchester. This demon killed Wally while her colleague was killed by Sam with the Demon-Killing Knife. After killing Wally this demon started to walk towards Sam.

As she started to walk towards Sam she gloated about how she would be famous for killing him and that people would tell stories about her. However, before she could harm Sam, she was stabbed through the back with an angel blade by Dean, killing her.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

This demon appeared to be a regular low-level demon with the powers of one.

  • Demonic Possession - As a demon, she needed a vessel to walk the Earth.
  • Immortality - As a demon, she would never age or die unless killed.
  • Invulnerability - As a demon she was invulnerable to normal methods of harm.
  • Super Strength - This demon was strong enough to overpower Wally and stab him with his own knife.


  • Holy water - As a regular low-level demon, she could be hurt by holy water.
  • Exorcism - As a regular low-level demon, she could be exorcised.
  • Devil's Trap - Like all demons, she could be bound by a devil's trap.
  • Higher-Tier demons - As a low-level demon, she was subservient to and weaker than higher level demons as shown by her working for Crowley.
  • Demon-killing knife - As a low-level demon, she could be killed with the knife.



  • IMDb lists the demon's name as "Ronnie"