This unnamed man was a thief and the first person to be reaped by Dean Winchester when he became Death for a day.


This man attempted to rob a store and threatened to kill the store owner's son if he didn't comply. The store owner put all of the money from the register into a bag and dropped it on the floor. The robber got annoyed and called the store owner an idiot.

While the robber was distracted picking up the bag the store owner quickly picked up a gun hidden in a drawer and shot the robber once in the chest. This was witnessed by Dean Winchester and Tessa.

Before Dean reaped this man he let him suffer a little bit from his gunshot wound. After a few seconds of watching Dean reaped him. This man asked why he was reaped and Dean responded because he was a dick. This man then went with Tessa to his destination in the afterlife.



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