This unnamed agent was killed by Lucifer.


This man gathered with his fellow agents at the estate owned by zillionaire Ron Forester in order to protect the President. While lounging inside a room, he overheard President Jefferson speaking to himself.

Suspicious, this agent went to go and check and spotted the President talking to his own reflection. The President then turned to look at him, eyes glowing, and the agent became horrified. Unbeknownst to anyone at that point, the President was under possession by Lucifer, and to keep his identity a secret, Lucifer killed the agent.

The other agents and aides discovered his body and set up a prayer for him. They asked the President to give a few words for him. The agent's cause of death was ultimately ruled as a massive cerebral hemorrhage with no sign of foul play.



  • He is the first Secret Service agent to die in the series.
    • He is also the last human killed by Lucifer in Season 12.

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