The definition of Alpha  are the first monster of the species created by Eve, or the first / more powerful of the species? Cause i was thinking about it and the Alpha Borderwalker  was not created by Eve  but she still being a Alpha  even though she is just the first Borderwalker without being created by Eve  , so... Lilith  was the alpha Demon ? Michael  was the alpha Angel / Arch ? Dick  was the alpha Leviathan ? Oberon  was the alpha Fairy  (cause he is the king of Avalon )? Ramsey  was the alpha Hellhound  (cause she repopulated the Hellhound  species) ? Death  was the alpha Horsemen  (cause him are the older and more powerful)? Madeline  was the alpha Amazon (cause she is the most powerful Amazon  according to this category  in the wiki)? Lucifer's son  will be the alpha Nephilim ? Adam  (the first Human ) was alpha Human ? Im so confuse about that :/

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