There have been a lot of rankings, and after examining them all, and thinking carefully I've written a more detailed one, one th

God - Death - Michael - Lucifer - Jessie - Godstiel - Raphael - Gabriel - Seraphs - Pestilence - War - Famine - Eve - Kali - (Fairies {stated}) - Stronger Angels - Azazel - Lillith - Stronger Pagan Gods (Atropos, Tricksters, Osirus, Chronos) - Alastair - Normal Angels- Samhain - Mid Pagan Gods (Leshi, Odin, Vanir) - Crowley - Reapers - Whore of Babylon - Crossroad Demons - Leviathans - Alphas - Special Children - (Seen) Fairies - Weaker Pagan Gods (Catriangs, Zao Shen ect) - Hell Hounds - Seven Deadly Sins - Stronger Demons (Tami, Meg, Brady, Ruby) - Stronger Monsters (Djinn, Jefferson Starship) - Normal Demons - Strongest Ghosts - Phoenix - Mid Monsters (Wraith, Werewolf, Skinwalker, Shapeshifter, Vampire) - Witches - Weaker Monsters (Goul, Changeling) - Buru Buru - Cupids - Zombie - Weakest Ghosts - Amazons - Natural Psychics - Revenant - Humans.

Any one have any disagrements?

Ps: I've included fairies twice, as the first one is based on the powers that have been seen, and the second on the powers they claim to have, as such only the first one is to be taken as there position.

PPS: I will provide reasons if asked

PPPS: If you can convince me I'm wrong, I will make corrections

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