I've got no idea why I wanted to make this list but meh.

With all the tough, powerful supernatural creatures introduced in the story at this point, I'll be trying to figure out who goes where on the tier list.

This isn't necessarily a raw power level list, but rather a look at what other, unique powers the species has, though certain groups will be placed where their "general" strength level is at points.

The list gets long.

And Start

  1. God: Hear me out, while it has been shown that God lost to Amara in their second confrontation he was never trying to outright kill her and instead imprison his sister. Additionally, God has the ability to create things that can help him fight against Amara. If he had all hands on deck Amara would've been beaten no problem and re-imprisoned.
  2. Amara: She seemingly has more raw destructive power than God and was able to fatally wound him, but something we need to remember is that God never tried to kill her, she was the only one of the pair willing to kill the other. In addition, Amara was established to not be able to outright create anything, unlike her brother, putting her at a massive disadvantage.
  3. Death: This guy has displayed some incredible power placing him above the Archangels, easily getting in and out of Lucifer's Cage without any problems whatsoever, even without his Ring (which may or may not limit his powers, he didn't seem all that concerned about finding it), and the only real things he didn't want to face was Amara. When confronted by Purgatory-Booster Castiel it wasn't even questioned if he could kill the "New God"
  4. "New God" Castiel: He snapped his fingers and killed Raphael, displaying the ability to kill Raphael and presumably Gabriel with as much ease as Lucifer with a normal Angel. Despite this, he was reluctant to release both Michael and Lucifer at the same time and decided to release Death from his bindings rather than risk fighting the Horsemen. I'd say he might be equal to the combined might of the Archangels at best, but probably not.
  5. Michael: The oldest and most powerful Archangel, he's strong, the most powerful angel that hasn't undergone some sort of bullcrap power up that kills them within a few days. Despite this, he wasn't able to leave Lucifer's Cage and is in some way unsuited for battle at this time.
  6. Lucifer: The guy is strong enough that a fight between him and Michael was considered the end for the majority of Earth, granted the latest stuff paints him like, a million times weaker than he should be, but let's chalk that up to him recovering from The Darkness' attack and the vessel he's inhabiting.
  7. Raphael: Considered to be weaker than Michael and was killed with the snap of New God Cas' fingers, despite this, he was capable of surviving the original fight against the Darkness, so he's insanely tough.
  8. Gabriel: Our beloved fake Pagan Deity thought it was at least feasible for him to kill Lucifer, so unless he's overestimating his own strength in regards to the brother who raised him, he's very powerful. Really, if he hadn't used a trick taught to him by Lucifer, that fight might've gone differently.
  9. Word of God Tablet Metatron: Honestly, WOGTron is probably stronger than any other angel but the Archangels, but he might be close to them. His main freaking weakness is the wafer which gives him that power can be destroyed by looking at it too hard.
  10. Horsemen: The younger three horsemen are next to unbeatable if you don't know to remove their rings, each of them can straight up ruin your day until you die from their concept. Famine, in particular, is scarily powerful even while weakened. War is a badass who pushed a bridge and collapsed it, and Pestilence can kill you in five minutes after giving you every disease ever. They might very well be able to defeat a Leviathan if their rings aren't removed.
  11. Leviathan/Eve: These tough mothers are strong and almost impossible to kill, they can physically overwhelm normal angels and scared all three factions into working together at that time (Heaven, Hell, and the Monsters) so it is likely that even a Seraphim can't match these dudes in a straight up fight. Granted, Cas did really well in Purgatory but combined with their near-invulnerability, regeneration, and ability to prevent any teleportation by angels, these dudes are terrifying and will kill you. That and the mouths, ew. That and Ghosts were able to halt even the strongest of these guys for a prolonged period of time. Eve was also able to suppress Soul-Enhanced Cas' power so that's something to ponder.
  12. Knights of Hell: Cain is the unique case and is on a different level due to the Mark of Cain, but the normal Knights are powerful enough to make everyone consider them only killable by the Mark of Cained First Blade. The fact that Seraphim weren't considered for the job says something.
  13. Seraphim: Cas was able to survive against the Levis for a great deal of time in Purgatory, though his case is hurt by recent events.
  14. Grigori: Tamiel only ever displayed dominance against a weakened Cas when using souls to maintain his power, I can't say what a Grigori would do against a full power Seraphim, but it would probably go differently from what was shown.
  15. White-Eyed Demons: Despite being unable to kill normal angels, these guys can outmatch them in a fight even after getting tortured by a dude skilled in it for a great period of time. 
  16. Pagan Deities: These guys are very powerful, probably superior to the majority of other supernatural creatures at full strength, and at least considered a normal angel to not be an issue when describing the Apocalypse as "just some angels having a slap fight", while they were more displaying arrogance (as shown later when Lucifer slapped them), the fact that they had some sort of deal with Heaven that the two groups left each other alone says something. It was said that in the old days these dudes were just short of invincible.
  17. Prince of Hell: Dagon displayed the ability to destroy an angel's vessel by touching it, so it is possible they can kill angels, but another tried his damnedest to avoid attracting their attention, so their exact strength compared to White-Eyed Demons is unknown, though it should be noted that WEDs were A-Okay with physically facing Angels while a POH wasn't.
  18. Hellhounds: Apparently these things are crazy strong, strong enough to make angels and demons wary of an untamed Hellhound.
  19. Alpha Monsters: These guys were strangely powerful with hunters having to change up their game, I wouldn't say they can kill normal angels, but they got some stuff, stuff we can't ignore.
  20. Normal Angels/Rit Zien/Cherubim: These three groups of beings are most likely around the same level of raw power with one another, with Rit Zien holding the unique ability to smite other angels.
  21. Demons: Literally no demon aside from Knights of Hell, Princes of Hell, or White-Eyed Demons seems able to outright match an angel in raw power.
  22. Monsters: I'm not gonna detail all the monsters and their tiers, but angels never have an issue with these dudes. Dragons seem to be strong enough to threaten all the others so they're most likely the top tier of monsters and can maybe harm angels, the Phoenix is a close second and Jeffery Starships come in at third place. 
  23. Ghosts: Depending on who it is, a ghost can be amazingly powerful, as shown by Bobby holding off Dick Ramon, the most powerful Leviathan. Despite this, even a powerful ghost like John Winchester was beaten by a Prince of Hell in only a few seconds, just long enough for the Colt to kill that guy. This displays a heck of a weakness for a Leviathan as something "weaker" than them can defeat a ghost.
  24. Humans: Unless aided by weaponry, any human physically going up against the stronger beings tends to go poorly.


So what do you think?

What entities would you switch around? (or what ones did I forget?)

And just how badly did I mess up the general established power tiers?

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