UPDATE: Voting is now closed! Check out the winners below!

It's been quite a season for the Winchesters! We've met a new evil known as The Darkness, witnessed the return of God, and made a deal with the devil! Now that the season is over, we're going to vote for our favorites. We've put together a list of ten categories, and users provided us with the nominations. We will be accepting votes until July 6th so get yours in today!

When we're done with voting we will announce the winners, so remember to check back here!

Favorite Male Character

And the winner is...


Dean Winchester!!!

Favorite Female Character

And the winner is...

Image Rowena 10x23


Favorite Minor Character

And the winner is...


Bobby Singer!!!

Favorite Villain

And the winner is...

Lucifer back as hallucation


Favorite Guest Star

And the winner is...

Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino!!!

Favorite Most Shocking Moment

And the winner is...


Lucifer possesses Castiel!!!

Favorite Saddest Moment

And the winner is...


God Singing!!!

Favorite Plot Twist

And the winner is...

Death of Death

Death of Death!!!

Favorite Winchester

And the winner is...


Dean Winchester!!!
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