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Powers and Abilities
Super-agility, Keen senses, Super-strength
Silver knife
Human, but with razor sharp teeth.

Vetala are a type of monster, almost snake-like, that hunt in pairs so they can capture their prey. They don't usually hunt solo. They also appear to be loyal and protective of their kind, obviously having a strong pack mentality that extends like family.

Physical AppearanceEdit

They appear human until they attack, at which point they reveal sharp teeth and blue, snake-like eyes. They are mostly beautiful.



Vetalas information in John's journal

John hunted one lone Vetala long ago and killed it. He recorded this in his journal, from which Sam gets his information years later. When Sam was at Stanford, Dean discovered that they hunt in pairs.

In Adventures in Babysitting, Lee Chambers, another hunter, goes after one without knowing its partner was nearby, and he is captured. Several days later, Sam comes looking for Lee and is captured as well. Sam and Lee are clearly not their only prey, as there are bodies scattered throughout their hideout. Krissy killed Sally while Marlene almost bit Sam but Dean killed her. The two Vetala responsible are killed by Lee's daughter, Krissy, and Sam.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Fangs - They possess extremely strong, sharp fangs that can rip open a human throat. In John's journal, he states that a Vetala's bite marks on their human victims resemble the marks of a vampire attack.
711 vampire bite

A Vetala preparing to feed.

  • Paralyzing Venom - Vetala paralyse their victims with a venomous bite. It knocks the victim out cold, and causes a ringing in the ear along with weakened strength.
  • Feeding - Like vampires, they feed on human blood.
  • Super strength - Vetala appear to have enhanced strength that allows them to overpower even well built humans like Sam and Dean.
  • Super senses - Vetala appear to possess enhanced hearing, as one was able to detect someone sneaking behind his back.


  • Silver knife - They can be killed by being stabbed in the heart with a silver knife (Knife must be twisted once to complete and effectively kill). When they die their bodies crumble apart. 
  • The Colt - As it is said to kill anything it could most likely kill a Vetala 
  • The First Blade - can kill anything 
  • Death's Scythe - can kill anything 

A vetala dying.

Known VetalasEdit


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