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Victor Henricksen
Season(s) 2, 3, 4
Species Human (formerly)
Status Deceased
Occupation FBI Agent
Affiliation: FBI
Portrayed by: Charles Malik Whitfield

Victor Henricksen was an FBI agent whose job was to track down and arrest the Winchester brothers. During the course of the series, Henricksen was able to arrest Sam and Dean twice.


Season 2Edit

Agent Henricksen appeared for the first time in the episode Nightshifter, where he took charge of local police in an attempt to free the people supposedly taken hostage by the Winchester brothers. Henricksen was confident that he had Sam and Dean cornered, but they escaped. Later, in the episode Folsom Prison Blues, Henricksen achieved in capturing the brothers, but it was an empty achievement, as the brothers set themselves up to be captured. By the end of the episode, Sam and Dean escaped yet again.

Season 3Edit

In the episode Jus In Bello, Agent Henricksen captured Sam and Dean again, this time because of a tip made by Bela Talbot. After he was possessed by a demon, which was exorcised shortly after by Sam, Henricksen believed that the Winchester brothers weren't murderers after all and he let them go, making it seem that they died in a fire. After Sam and Dean left, Henricksen was killed by a demon named Lilith after forty-five minutes of torture.

Season 4Edit

Henricksen appeared again in Are You There God? It's Me, Dean Winchester as one of the Witnesses. Henricksen first appeared to Sam in a gas station blaming him for Lilith killing him and attacked him until Dean shot him and he dissapered. Later Victor attacked Dean in the kitchen and revealed that Lilith took 45 minutes killing him and the others and he was the last. Victor then stabbed Dean through the chest until Sam stopped him. Eventually Victor Hendricksen was put back to rest when Dean completed the ritual to put them back to rest. 



  • He has more than one ex-wife.
  • He managed to arrest Sam and Dean twice in the series.

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