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Warehouses are locations commonly used by Sam and Dean for various purposes.

Overview Edit

A warehouse is a location where goods or merchandises are often stored before distributed or sold. Some are known to become abandoned and thus become home to other beings, usually as a hideout or a base of operation.

Season 2 Edit

What Is And What Should Never Be Edit

Dean discovers a djinn using an abandoned, partially ruined warehouse as its base of operation, or nest. He is captured and forced into a fantasy world by it. Sam arrives just in time to rescue Dean and together they rescue the djinn's other victim.

Season 4 Edit

On The Head Of A Pin Edit

Castiel and Uriel bind the demon Alastair inside an abandoned warehouse, and send Dean to torture information out of him. However, Alastair escapes and attacks both Dean and Castiel, until Sam arrives and kills the demon. Uriel is proven to be a traitor and a showdown between him and Castiel ensues. Castiel is saved by the timely arrival of Anna, who kills Uriel.

The Rapture Edit

The demons kidnap Claire Novak and tie her up inside an abandoned warehouse. The Winchesters and Jimmy locate them but also get captured. Castiel arrives and takes possession of Claire in time to help defeat the demons. It is here that Dean and Castiel discover Sam's consumption of demon blood.

Season 6 Edit

Let It Bleed Edit

Lisa and Ben Braeden are kidnapped by demons. Dean locates the pair in an abandoned warehouse, however, Lisa is possessed by a demon and Dean is forced to fight her off to save Ben. The demon mortally wounds Lisa, but this doesn't stop Dean from exorcisng the demon.

Season 7 Edit

Hello, Cruel World Edit

Sam's hallucination of Lucifer tricks him into entering an abandoned warehouse. Lucifer taunts Sam and makes him fire the gun randomly. Dean arrives soon after and helps to convince Sam on what's real and what is not.

Repo Man Edit

Jeffery lures Dean to an abandoned warehouse, where he has kept Nora's son. He then uses Dean to summon his demon. Nora and Sam manage to exorcise the demon from his vessel while Dean kills Jeffery.

Season 9 Edit

Road Trip Edit

Upon locating Gadreel, Dean, Castiel and Crowley tie him to a chair inside an abandoned warehouse, where they intend to expel him from Sam's body. They are successful, but the place is soon raided by Abaddon and her followers. Dean, Castiel and Sam flee, while Crowley stays behind to greet her.

Season 11 Edit

Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire Edit

The angels Efram and Jonah take Castiel to an abandoned warehouse where they begin to torture him on the whereabouts of Metatron. Castiel is unable to provide an answer since he doesn't know. Eventually, Hannah arrives and pretends to intervene, but eventually does try to help, only for Efram to kill her. Castiel, still under the Attack Dog Spell, breaks free from his bounds and kills the other two angels.

Just My Imagination Edit

Reese captures Dean Winchester and uses his cell phone to lure Sam and the Zanna Sully to her location. Here, she confronts Sully over the death of her twin sister, and why she killed his Zanna friends.

Don't You Forget About Me Edit

Vampires Henry and Richard Beesome capture Claire, Jody and Alex and trap them in an old, abandoned building (presumably a warehouse). Here, Richard reveals his plan to take revenge on Alex for her past actions but the two are intercepted by the arrival of Sam and Dean Winchester.

We Happy Few Edit

God summons his newly-formed team to an empty warehouse, where they discuss their plans and await for Amara to arrive. The team consists of Sam, Dean, Crowley, Lucifer and Rowena. Amara arrives soon after, at the beckoning of Rowena, and the team launch their attack.

Amara wanders in to the warehouse gravelly wounded, and for the first time in eons, she meets her brother again. God plans to lock her away again, but Amara manages to strike back and leave him in a near-death state. Lucifer is also banished from his vessel by her.

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