Raphael creates a thunderstorm.

Weather manipulation is the ability to control, manipulate or generate the weather.

Characters with this abilityEdit

Unlimited weather manipulationEdit


Death creates a storm while raising the dead.

Advanced weather manipulationEdit

  • Seraphim - When lightning crackled outside, Balthazar asked Castiel if it was him, implying seraphs can cause lightning storms.

Common weather manipulationEdit

  • Angels (limited) - They can influence the weather to some degree. For example, Castiel caused severe winds after being summoned by Dean and Bobby.
  • Princes of Hell - Azazel could cause irregular winds, thunder storms, and massive temperature fluctuations. Dagon's teleportation caused thunder storms and irregular winds.
  • Abaddon - When Abaddon screams, it causes lightning and thunder.
  • Cain - The mere arrival of the Father of Murder could cause sudden gusts of wind.

Below-average wieldersEdit

  • Madge and Edward Carrigan (limited)
  • Meg (Demon) (very limited) - When Meg arrived at Jim Murphy's church, her presence caused a sudden wind that extinguished his candles.
  • Reapers (very limited) - Reapers can cause sudden gusts of wind when they arrive.
  • Ghosts - Powerful ghosts can cause sudden gusts of wind.

Objects with this abilityEdit



Archangels can manipulate and cause traumatic lightning storms. Azazel, also, by his mere presence, was able to cause storms. Death can create a massive rallying of lightning storms. Abaddon's screaming induces lightning and thunder.


Archangels can cause raging rainstorms or tsunamis, as can Death.


Both Death and Lucifer can control the air. Death can create hurricanes, as can Lucifer, but he typically summons tornadoes. Azazel's presence caused sudden gusts of wind; his "daughter" once also caused a sudden wind.


Lucifer can negativity alter the fluctuation of temperature, being able to make things extremely cold, and Madge and Edward (as Deities of the Winter Solstice) can generate mild weather. Azazel's presence is enough to cause massive temperature fluctuations in the area that he's in. Both ghosts and Leshi are able to cause the temperature to drop, but only in the room that they are in (Leshi may be able to do more as it was posing as a ghost at the time).

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