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White-eyed demons were a very powerful group of demons, known for being among the oldest and strongest demons in all of Hell together with Cain and the four Princes of Hell. They represented the highest demon rank of authority in Hell, following the Princes of Hell. They were of such strength that while they couldn't kill angels with their own power, they could overpower them with ease.[1] They instilled great panic in other demons as almost all other demons were terrified of them.


Due to Lucifer's corruption by the Mark of Cain[2], his hatred against humanity started to grow and he began to torture Lilith, until she transformed into the first demon. Lilith eventually started to torture other deceased humans herself, transforming them into demons as well. Lucifer and Lilith were banished deep into hell for their deeds. It is unknown how and when, Alastair was created who would later became the grand-torturer of hell.[1]

White-Eyed demons played a key role in preparing Lucifer's release, in fact Lilith's death was the final step in releasing Lucifer from his cage. As Azazel found the door to Lucifer's cage, Lucifer told him that Lilith knows how to break the seal's binding him captive.[3] Azazel began to prepare the release of Lilith, however it took decades until she was eventually freed and took over hell since Azazel was killed by Dean with the Colt.[4]


Lilith blasts a police station up

Alastair was given the task to break John Winchester, making him torture other deceased humans, this would also implicate the breaking of the first seal, however John was so resilient that Alastair was unable to achieve his goal[5]. During that time Lilith established herself as the new leader of hell, as she saw a potential rival in Sam Winchester, she ordered his execution on multiple occasions. Roughly one year after she escaped hell, Lilith met Dean Winchester to take his soul into hell, shortly after Dean was killed by hellhounds. On her surprise, her White Light showed no effect on Sam and she was forced to flee as Sam tried to stab her with the Demon Killing Knife.[6]

While Alastair tortured Dean in hell, offering him he would stop if Dean begins to torture others himself, Sam sought revenge and wanted to kill Lilith. Sam was aided by Ruby, unbeknown to him Lilith and Ruby secretly worked together. Lilith, who knew that her powers can't effect Sam and that he is Lucifer's vessel, avoided contact with him and elected to change the location if Sam was near by. As Dean was unable to endure the torture and pain any longer, he agreed to torment other humans souls. This broke the First Seal and allowed Lilith to break the others.[1][7]


White-eyed demons were terrifyingly powerful and they rank the highest in the hierarchy of Hell, just under Lucifer himself and the Princes of Hell. They inspired fear in their subordinates as almost all demons were well aware of their power, to further consolidate their authority and keep younger demons in line they told them stories about the Darkness.[8] white-Eyed demons were even capable of holding their own against regular angels.[1] So far, the only known demons of this type are Lilith and Alastair, the former of which was the very first demon to be created.[3] 


Lilith tries to make a deal with Sam.

Both Lilith and Alastair were well known for their cruelty, torturing their enemies and victims before killing them.[6] Especially Alastair had an affinity for torture, he was basically the grand-torturer of hell, researching new ways to torture deceased humans and increase their pain. Alastair even preferred to reside in hell, as it's more suited as a place to research on torture.[1] While Azazel set up and prepared everything for Lucifer's rise, it was mainly on Lilith to execute it by breaking the seals, however she had not such a religious connection to Lucifer like Alastair. As Lilith learned that she would eventually die shortly before Lucifer's rise, she tried to make a deal with Sam, letting "Lucifer rot in his cage" in exchange for Sam's and Dean's lives.[9]


It is unknown how a white-eyed demon's true form looked like; however, as they walked the earth, they manifested as a cloud of black smoke.[9] As they possessed human vessels, it came to no noticeable change besides that their eye color changed to white.[1][6] Shortly before Dean's soul was supposed to go to hell, he was able to see Lilith's true face and describes it as horrible.[6]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

White-eyed Demons were some of the oldest demons and thus among the most powerful to appear in the series. Lilith as well as Alastair were rather unafraid as they faced regular angels, Castiel was unable to smite Alastair and could not withstand against him. Despite their superiority against regular angels, they knew how tremendously powerful archangels are and preferred to flee when confronted by one of them since they wouldn't stand a chance against them.[5][9][10][11]

  • Biokinesis – Alastair directed a psychic attack on Sam and Dean simultaneously by raising his hand at them; causing them to grip their chests and fall down, implying that he was attacking their hearts, or lungs.[1]
  • Possession – White-eyed Demons can possess humans as vessels voluntarily or involuntarily, which allows them to manifest on Earth. Unlike most other demons, who usually enter and exit humans' bodies in a rush of black smoke as the humans scream, White-eyed Demons apparently can also do this without humans noticing as Lilith was able to leave her first vessel without the latter's mother noticing.[6]
  • Advanced Telekinesis – White-eyed Demons had the ability to move objects with their mind. Lilith broke a grown man's neck with a click of her fingers without touching it, and later used telekinesis to fling Sam and Dean across the room, holding Sam immobilized to a wall at the same time she did the same to Dean to a table.[6] Alastair used hand gestures to drag and throw people over large distances without physically touching them. During his first appearance, he also blasted apart a door without noticeable use of gestures.[1][7]
  • Demonic White Light – Although only demonstrated by Lilith, by raising their hands, white-eyed Demons can generate blast rays of blinding white light from usually their vessel's hand palms that apparently destroys just about anything they want it to. For example, Lilith blew apart an entire police station without killing the people inside, and later performed the reverse by concentrating it solely on Sam so that it did not affect the house she was in at the time.[12][6]
  • Localization – White-eyed Demons can localize any human not protected by hex-bags. Shortly after Sam destroyed his and Dean's hex bags, Lilith appeared.[9]
  • Immunity – White-eyed Demons couldn't be killed by smiting from a lower-level angel, showed immunity to iron and were able to enter and walk on hallowed ground. Furthermore, they were not vulnerable to holy water. Alastair 

    Alastair survives being stabbed by the Demon Killing Knife.

    was also extremely resistant to Ruby's Knife as it only caused him mild pain rather than the agony most Demons feel, and it was not deadly to him when stabbed in the stomach and upper chest. Lilith proved to be the most resilient to Sam's demonic powers of all the demons he used them on, even with him at the peak of his power and her powers useless against him. After he had grown strong enough to incapacitate and kill Alastair with them, his powers merely stirred Lilith's hair. When he finally succeeded, it required (in addition to all the blood he already had) all the blood of one demon, more blood from another, immense effort from him, and Lilith intentionally provoking him to anger, nearly transforming him into a monster in the process (to the point where he briefly became a demon).The effort of killing Lilith also exhausted Sam's powers completely.[1][5][9][13]
  • Super strength – As the first demons, white-eyed Demons are incredibly strong, more so than humans, ghosts, monsters, reapers, demons and even regular angels. While they can't kill angels using their own power, they can overpower them. Even while possessing the body of a little girl, Lilith slaughtered grown men with her bare hands.[6] When Lilith got involved in a physical struggle with Sam, she quickly overpowered him, despite his having the advantage of position (she was lying down beneath him) and weight (his body was much larger and muscled than her vessel).[9] Alastair lifted and strangled Dean with one hand without any signs of strain. He also lifted Castiel and placed him on a hook while they were both in vessels despite being weakened by hours of torture and just being stabbed with the demon killing knife. Even without a vessel, he was strong enough to overpower and capture a Reaper.[5][14]
  • Invulnerability – White-eyed Demons cannot be harmed or killed by conventional means. Alastair withstood would-be fatal injuries such as numerous stabbings and prolonged torture with little reaction.[5]
  • Flight – In their disembodied smoke state, they were able to fly.[9]
  • Teleportation – As the oldest demons, White-eyed Demons can instantaneously disappear and reappear anywhere from one place to another instantly at will, including travel between Hell and Earth.[1][9]
  • Immortality – White-eyed Demons had the potential to live forever indefinitely. Lilith was the very first and eldest demon, predating the Knights of Hell and even Cain himself. Lilith was tens of thousands of years old. Although his exact age was not revealed, Alastair considered Ruby, who was over seven hundred years old, to be a young demon.[1][13]
  • Supernatural Perception – White-eyed Demons could perceive beings that are invisible to humans such as ghosts, demons and reapers.[14]
  • Super stamina – White-eyed Demons didn't require food, sleep, water or air to sustain themself. They had an incredibly high pain threshold, withstanding hours of extreme torture from Castiel, Uriel, and later Dean (his own pupil in torturing) without giving up any information. When he got free, he showed no signs of weakness or exhaustion despite multiple injuries to his vessel.[5]
  • Thermokinesis – White-eyed Demons could emit extreme heat through their host's body. Lilith could control the intensity of this power.

Lilith burns through the devil's trap set by Sam, one of three of his attempts to destroy her.[9]

In one instance she was able to scald Sam's lips as she forcefully kissed him and in another instance she was able to burn through a Devil's Trap by merely touching it.[6][9]

  • Spell Casting – As white-eyed demons were among the first demons in existence, they knew a wide variety of spells. Lilith used spells and rituals to break the 66 Seals, Alastair even knew an exorcism that worked on angels.[5]
  • Torturing – Both Lilith and Alastair were especially skilled torturers. Alastair was the chief torturer of hell and even managed to break Dean Winchester, as he agreed to torture others.[1][6]


White-eyed Demons had very few true weaknesses and were immune to most of the standard demonic weaknesses.

Harming, Misleading or TrappingEdit

  • Holy water – Although highly resilient to it, it still caused Alastair pain. However, holy water was not enough to stop or seriously bother them.[5]
  • Salt – Although resilient to it, it still caused Alastair pain.[5]
  • Hex Bag – Like all demons, white-eyed Demons couldn't locate someone if they are concealed by hex bags.[9]
  • Heavenly Host – Multiple angels acting collectively could capture Alastair in a special unrevealed manner.[14]

    Alastair captured in a devil's trap

  • Devil's Trap – Like all demons, white-eyed Demons had the standard demonic weaknesses to devil’s traps and were rendered powerless within a devil's trap. However, Alastair's resilience and endurance remain present.[5] Lilith stopped short of the devil's trap Sam had set up to catch her and made a point of breaking it, implying that she would have been susceptible to it had it stayed intact.[9]
  • Demon-killing knife – Compared to other demons, White-eyed Demons were extremely resistant to the Knife, since it did not cause Alastair as much pain as it did other demons, and it was not deadly when stabbed in the stomach or upper chest.[5]

Banishing and KillingEdit

  • Sam Winchester – Despite showing an impressive amount of immunity to them at first, white-eyed Demons can become vulnerable to Sam's powers. Lilith eventually became vulnerable to Sam's powers. He telekinetically threw, immobilized, and eventually killed her in a manner that she evidently found excruciatingly painful.[13] Although initially immune, Alastair was later surpassed and killed by Sam, after consuming a large amount of demon blood and training further with his psychic abilities. Sam was also able to use his abilities to torture Alastair and break his will in seconds, something the angels and even Dean failed to do within hours.[5]
  • The Colt - Since this gun can kill almost anything and was powerful enough to kill Azazel, it can kill White-Eyed Demons
  • Primordial entitiesAmara, God, Death and the Archangels can annihilate them effortlessly. Archangels could effectively destroy White-eyed Demons. When Raphael began descending upon Lilith to protect Chuck, she elected to flee.[9] However, regular angels are unable to smite, or even defeat them. Even the projection of Anna's true form merely obliterated Alastair's vessel, but did not cause fatal damage to the demon himself.[1][2][3]
  • Death's Scythe - As this weapon was capable of killing almost all beings, even Death itself, this weapon could kill white-eyed demons.
  • The First Blade - It can kill any demon.

Known White Eyed Demons Edit



  • Lilith was the first white-eyed demon introduced, sharing her eye color with Alastair. She was also the first female Big Bad.
  • Two more unknown white-eyed Demons were mentioned in Bobby Singer's Guide to Hunting.
  • Both of the two known white-eyed demons, Alastair and Lilith were killed by Sam Winchester.
  • In real Judeo-Christian demon lore, it's more common for demons to manifest white eyes than black eyes when they reveal themselves from heir host. According to lore, demons can't look upon the sacred, which then causes the possess eyes to roll back when any holy relics are present in front of a demon and revels their true demonic nature. Unlike the average demon, High rank demons are believed to possess black or glowing eyes instead of white eyes like in Supernatural.


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